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Fast & Accurate Drug Testing

Find the perfect solution to your drug testing needs with the help of Employee Screening Service LLC of Mount Holly, New Jersey. Our drug tests are performed through Quest™ and Lab Corp™ facilities, both of which are top companies in their field.

Screening Customizations
More and more businesses are testing their new hires and present employees to protect their other staff, clients, and overall business. The results are affordable and usually sent back to you at your computer by the next day. Employee Screening Services, LLC offers a complete line of drug tests from one of the leading manufacturers in the world. We carry different styles and combinations of drug tests. We can test for one individual drug or a combination of up to 12 drugs.

Employee Screening Services, LLC will help you create a program for your company to become a drug-free workplace. A policy is written on your behalf, customized to the needs and specifics of your business. This policy complies with all federal and state regulations for regulated and non-regulated drug testing. Our consultants will meet your management staff to implement the policy, answering questions and addressing concerns. We have developed policies for all types of employers.

Laboratory Testing
• Accommodates All State & Federally
  Regulated Industries
• More Than 4,000 Collection Sites Available
   in the USA
• All of the Labs Are SAMHSA Certified
The Benefits of a Drug-Free Workplace
• Increased Productivity
• Reduced Absenteeism
• Workers Comp Insurance Incentives --
   Many States Require a 5% Discount
• Reduced Tardiness
• Safer Work Environment
• Reduced Turnover
• Hire Only Drug-Free Employees
• Saves Valuable Time during the Hiring Process
• Reduced Health Insurance Costs

Drug-Free Workplace Qualifications
• Supervisor Training
• Drug Testing
• Drug Free Workplace Policy
• Employee Education
• Employee Assistance Program
Contact us to ensure your staff is drug-free with our background checks.