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Streamlined Employee Screening & Staff Consulting in Mount Holly, NJ

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Drug Testing

Our professionals schedule fast and accurate drug screening for your staff so you receive the results as quickly as possible.
Tax Credit

Discover if your company is eligible for a work opportunity tax credit with the help of the experts at Employee Screening Service LLC.
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Background Searches

Ensure the protection of your staff and patrons by performing a complete background check on all current and potential employees.

Learn About Employee Screening Service LLC

At Employee Screening Service LLC of Mount Holly, New Jersey, our goal is to improve the safety and efficiency of your workforce. We work with the highest quality companies in the industry to bring you state-of-the-art background checks, drug tests, and work opportunity credits for businesses and applicants. Our knowledgeable staff consulting team takes care of every client through constant communication and first-class service for reasonable prices.

In recent years, business owners have begun losing more than $100 billion per year due to substance abuse in the workplace. Our company provides both laboratory drug tests to business owners who value implementing a drug testing program. With more than 4,000 laboratories nationwide, Employee Screening Services LLC provides clients with the proper paperwork, as well as local laboratory locations to send their employees for any needed follow-up testing.

Contact us today to ensure your staff is qualified, healthy, and responsible with our employee screening services.